David’s cuisine art often shows the quality and the warm environment of how the food from the restaurant is served to the customers.  These artworks are a celebration of food in an outdoor environment of comfort and relaxation. One can almost feel the warmth of the sun’s rays in a Nappa vineyard or an Italian-inspired terrace restaurant.


    • Antipasto

      ANTIPASTO Dive deep into a still life gourmet meal. The table is set with a variety of food, this painting of a Mediterranean feast is perfect for one who loves to cook or dine. Feast your eyes on this classically Italian display of cultural inheritance. This still life is the perfect gift for the home for any kitchen. The painting…

    • Apples muscat

      APPLE MUSCRAT DIGITAL PRINT The spirit of the kitchen lives in the light and symmetry of the painting. What feels like a small window into the world of a simple Greek kitchen is illuminated by the use of line, shape and value. Gathering around the checkerboard tiles and strengthening cultural bonds inspire the viewer to appreciate the joy of cooking.

    • Carnival fritters

      This piece of art is used in all over the world to decorate churches around Easter time. Although it sounds like an interesting snack, the recipe I use is not only easy and quick to prepare, but also gives excellent results with fried or oven-baked potatoes. The art was painted by the famous Dutch painter Pieter Bruegel in 1560 and…

    • Champagne crawfish

      Champagne crawfish is a piece of art of nature. It’s a rare species of crawfish that lives only in the Northern Territory of Australia, more precisely on the Daly River. This species is considered extinct for several years now, but its wonderful bright color made it immortal. People are trying to reproduce the last existing “Champagne” crayfish by using eggs…

    • Cioppino Sausalito

      That’s the name of a restaurant in Sausalito, California. It’s also another dish invented by chef Chris Cosentino. His version of cioppino is seafood soup with fritter mix for dumplings. The painting shows the quality and the warm environment on how the food from the restaurant is served to the customers. The enriched background on the picture also adds to…

    • Corckscrews #2

      CORKCKSCREWS TWO OIL ON BIRCHWOOD Dozens of corckscews litter the canvas. Aranged in caos the beauty the curvature a of the tool is gifted to the viewer multiple times.

    • Grapes still life

      This picture is a representation of te best of the best harvests grapes used to make the finnest wine. The clean grapes represents the best of what nature gives us for free, and when sipping you finest wine it is the best way to appreciate nature by having the state of the art on your office or your living room.

    • Intermission

      The intermission drawing is the foundation of The Prince and His Nephew, which is a work that I began creating after The Prince and Princess. That would be correct. Between the first and second works there was an interval of half a year. However, it wasn’t as if I had gone on to other projects, for I during this time…

    • Mondavi 2000 Jazz concert series poster

      This limited edition poster is curated by the Department of Art at UC Davis. The design is inspired by the 1960’s jazz concert posters designed by Bob Masse. It includes photography of musicians, Larry Vuckovich and Steve Allee in studio with original art based on their works. Edition of 100 posters, signed and numbered.

    • Moringa, strudel di mele, savoiarde

      Moringa, strudel di mele, savoiarde, Some say desert should always be eaten first, Before the main dish, no matter what’s on the menu. But savory or sweet, it’s hard to resist the temptation of those tantalizing tarts. There is something about a perfectly flaky crust. That just begs to be filled with something delicious. Whether it’s a sweet apple strudel,…

    • Napa luncheon

      The Nappa luncheon painting depicts a perfect lunch date on a serene environment. The Overlooking grapes vineyard shows how a clean nature rings the taste in what we consume. The color warmth in the picture gives a sense of comfort and relaxation, one can almost feel the warmth of the sun rays. This painting is perfect for your living room…

    • Napa valley mousse

      This painting depicts some of the dishes that are prepared on board during our cruises. It is not easy to capture all the details of our food onto a canvas but I think I managed to put in most of them. At first this painting might look like just another nice landscape painting but upon closer inspection you will notice…

    • Napa Valley picnic #3

      The best way to recreate the lost memories of picnics and instill some nostalgia to crave for that perfect steak taken in a cool shade overlooking one of the best viewing scenery in Carlifonia, the napa valley. The painting represent romance at its best the wine is made from the best and finest grapes also grown in Nappa valley

    • Opus one

      It is a very special wine. A true treasure of the world; but you will not hear this from me. You will hear it from Pierre Roulleau, owner and operator of Chateau de la Tour, in Bordeaux France. “It is the finest vintage I have ever produced,” he proclaims with gusto, “And is without question the finest in my memory.”…

    • Pasta still life

      Pasta & Zucchini Feast on this still life artisanal candle lit dinner. The table is set with a fine red vintage. The perfect setting to an incredible meal. The centerpiece of the table is a bowl of steaming pasta with zucchini flowers. The bisecting lines compliment the flowing strokes color across with the emerald place setting. The warmth of the…

    • Picnic (at Muir Beach)

      Picnic (at Muir Beach) This still life masterpiece is set in a lush green field, overlooking a seascape with rolling mountains with thick fog at the skyline. The scene of the picnic is set in a luxurious and traditional style, that are complimented by a romantic atmosphere. The basket, pillows, and linen set a contrasting tone to a warm and…

    • Picnic 2

      PICNIC TWO OIL ON MANGO WOOD Seated amound the lush vinyards is a simple picnic for two. A brilliant basket of breads and cheese paired with a cab adds a warmth and passion to the image.

    • San Francisco feast

      The Francisco feast painting is described as a historical entertainment scene. It displays common people and merchants dancing and walking around a market during the early 19th century. The painting was originally considered to represent an effort of the artist, Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904), to depict “the original happy, careless life in California” before the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890.[1] But…

    • Seafood

      The cuisine art is a perfect depiction os a complete seafood delicacy, the artist uses clear illustration of the sea animals. The drawing is very clear and one can see all the contents. The colour used is warm and can be placed at the center of the room to as a rare piece of art.

    • Soup au pistou

      SOUP AU PISTOU DIGITAL PRINT A party on the terrace awaits. In the distance the rolling lush green landscape calls to the viewer as the excitment of a pending meal ensues. A italian inspired terrace provides the viewer with a feeling of luxury.

    • Soupe a la citrouille

      This is a representation of the perfect meal for the fall season. The background colour represents the fall season so that one cal relate well with the contents of the picture. But on certain days, you can still indulge in some of your favorite carnival foods without having to brave cold temperatures or suck down one too many snowball drinks.

    • Steak poivre Napa Valley

      This is a recipe for making steak poivre Napa Valley. The name, Steak Poivre, comes from the French word “poivre” which means pepper. This dish usually consists of filet mignon encrusted with crushed peppercorns and served in a sauce called cognac cream sauce. The pepper is black, white and green. It is usually quite spicy but can be made milder…

    • The gourmet

      The painting below shows four kinds of fritters that are sold by street vendors in the streets of Rotterdam. The three smaller ones are filled with apples, raisins and dried plums. The gourmet These apples were bought in a local market in Sardinia. They are called ‘limoni’ there, whereas in the rest of Italy they are called ‘arance amare’. They…

    • Tuna languedoc

      PISTOU You are the first to arrive at the secret party. Thank god you’re here! You seize the opportunity, capturing it in a moment that you will treasure till your dying day. A view of the french countryside with rolling hillsides of cultivated green landscape and best of all wine. This is an excellent setting for a private party. You…

    • Vichon provolone salad

      Vichon provolone salad This still life previsionary masterpiece emulates a romanticized dream like Parisian late lunch or a petite dejeuner. With the light shining in from the trees, it casts an illuminated glow that backlights the delicate fromage. The cheese looks so fresh and appetizing, you can almost smell its aroma.

    • Which came first

      Come may urgue that this is the best and the most ancient riddle ever yet has not been cracked, this is the visual representation of the riddle; is it the egg or the hen. And what a perfet way to innitiate the small talk with your guests as they wait for the fingerlicking wings from the oven? This art is…

    • Wine rack

      WINE RACK Wine my be one of the biggest gifts of life. It is a drink that has been enjoyed by humans for centuries, and its popularity does not seem to be waning any time soon. Whether you are new to wine or consider yourself a connoisseur, wine racks provide the perfect way to store and display your favorite bottles…

    • Wine rack

      Let’s go fly a kite! And what better place than atop this naturally grown and harvested bamboo table for one! The various geometric lines in the wood work well with the natural ridges along this smooth organic material. A nice soft green fuzz dusts the surface of both wood and metal, while a soft soothing red envelopes the centerpiece of…

    • Wine tasting

      WINE TASTING This work is unified by the elliptical shapes and supported with bisecting lines in a vertical fashion. With the tonal weight of this painting being scarce and complex. Rules are meant to be broken by only masters, and the marvels of this artwork transcend warm or cool tones with a neutral and nude aura.

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