• C&H – Crockett, CA.

      C&H CROCKETT, CA OIL ON CANVAS Three buildings stand clustered to the right as light streams though their windows illuminating the evening sunset. Off in the distance is a bridge. The beautifly contrasting buildings on the pink and purple sunset provide this image with a calmness that moves the viewer while even pretending they are in the city.

    • Chicago night

      CHICAGO LITHOGRAPH This viewpoint captures the brilliant scheme of light pouring out of the street of Chicago. Bursts of color pop against the darkness of the night sky. The geometric structures appear to be floating on a luminescent base as light cascades upwards.

    • Flamingo, Las Vegas

      The lights flickered down the strip, competing with the bright lights of the Neon-signs started to illuminate the sky. The smell of dust, cigarette smoke, and alcohol permeated the air. The night-clubs had just gotten back into full swing. The music was loud, and the drinks were flowing to keep up with demand.

    • French west indies

      FRENCH WEST INDIES Acrylic on canvas As the breeze gently nips at your face, you stare out into the ocean and know that only good things lie ahead. It’s a beautiful day in the French West Indies. The beautiful blue sky is dotted with white, puffy clouds and the beautiful. The perfect gradient of blue on white, accented by beautiful…

    • Ghirardelli, San Francisco

      Decadent and rich in flavor , Ghirardelli is a chocolate lover’s dream. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, at the corner of North Point and Polk, in San Francisco, California, was founded in 1852 by master chocolatier Domenico Ghirardelli , who arrived to San Francisco from Peru in 1849 with his wife. Originally running out of a California Street shop, the factory…

    • Golden Gate Eve.

      Golden Gate Sunset Serigraph Nightfall overtook the Golden Gate Bridge and its surrounding area as the sun sunk into the waters of the bay. A calming end to what had been a long day for those who were interested in local culture and art, and an evening filled with several hours of excitement and thrill for those attending San Francisco’s…

    • Las Vegas

      LAS VEGAS OIL ON CANVAS As the years of classic retro neon is behind us, it is images like this one that bring it abck to life. A woman painted and adorned wit neon is sitting in a western style pose on top of a business sign. While this work may have pin up vibes it provides the viewer with…

    • Las Vegas – Hottest slots in town

      LAS VEGAS – HOTTEST SLOTS OIL ON CANVAS It’s exciting, isn’t it? With the greatest Casinos in town, there’s always something new to see and do. It’s an exciting experience on the Casino floor, with free adrenaline. Cash continues to flow and almost never runs out. The casinos’ lights are brilliant and enthralling, drawing you in to play and risk…

    • Las Vegas – Mr. Be´s Casino

      LAS VEGAS – MR. BE’S CASINO Las Vegas known for its many wonders of architecture and design. From the outside of Mr.Be’s Casino many do not know what goes on in such a magical place. The neon lights fill up the night sky from every direction. Inside Mr.Be’s casino you can do anything that your heart desires. The structure itself…

    • Las Vegas – Pot of gold

      LAS VEGAS POT OF GOLD WATERCOLOR ON PAPER. This image is of large pot of gold centered over a parking complex. This work speakes to the ability to use sculpture to invoke and inspire. This pot of gold is seen with a cascading rainbow and a contrasting geometric buildig in the background.

    • Las Vegas – Tower of pizza

      LAS VEGAS TOWER OF PIZZA The humor in this image cannot be down played. It is apparent that this work and structure mocks its famously Italian counterpart. It is my joy describe the use of light as it falls and screams from the headlists of cars. The overall astetic feels mid century and inspires the viewer to appreciate it more.

    • Mykonos evening

      MYKONOS EVENING DIGITAL PRINT Known for its nightlife, Mykonos is a chic island that provides the Aegean sea with a cultural hub. This digital print is rich in hues of deep blues, inspiring purples and contrasting brightness. This work of art provides the viewer with insight into the spirit of the nightlife of Mykonos, a fervent and exciting coastal image…

    • Mykonos, Greece

      Mykonos, Greece DIGITAL PRINT Seated in the Aegean Sea is the beautiful island of Mykonos. The stillness of the sky contrasted by the brilliance of the deep harbor is seated alongside the beauty of a crisp white Greek village. To gaze upon the beautiful settlement allows the viewer to feel the depth and importance of Greek cultural nuances and architecture.…

    • Neon Palms

      NEON PALMS OIL ON CANVAS The night is black with the dark sky and the stars as far as you can see. The neon lights are almost blinding, illuminating the city like a beacon of hope and desire. There you find excitement and joy like no other experience in your life. You run up to the table and throw down…

    • New Orleans – French market park

      NEW ORLEANS FRENCH MARKET PARK OIL ON CANVAS The morning light cascaded the street line drawing a line that propelled the viewer into the future. Obstructing the view was a small cart left unattended on the vacant street. The neighbourhood was adorned with the lush greenery of a nearby park and the chirp of cicadas.

    • Paris by night

      PARIS BY NIGHT DIGITAL PRINT The Eiffel Tower seen in her majesty by night. While no stars twinkle in the Parisian sky, the light is garnered by the illuminated tower and skyline. The romance of this city is portrayed through the use of light, starbursts and royal purples. A Parisian je ne sais quoi is exemplified in a way that…

    • Ray´s corner – Crockett, CA.

      RAY’S CORNER CROCKETT, CA. WATERCOLOR ON PAPER. Centered in the nightscape is a turn of the century building, white in color with arched windows and a gemoetric facade. A single neon sign adornes the structure. A truck draws the eye to the right of the peice as the darkness of the night sky contrasts the building.

    • Reno Casino

      RENO CASINO OIL ON CANVAS Money won, money lost, a gambler’s life is not for the weak. A typical day in Reno’s casinos. The odds are stacked for the house, but the gamble is with the player. The dazzling lights and sounds of the casinos, the clack of chips and constant beeping from machines. It’s a money-hungry city in a…

    • Rodeo windmill bar

      RODEO, CALIFORNIA DIGITAL PRINT What feels like the lost days of Route 66 are found in the neon of this work. Seen is a single story structue, rustic and retro. A door is centered in the image under a Dutch inspired windmill. The neon lights frame the windows and the blades of the windmill, the eye is drawn outward as…

    • San Francisco Bay Sunset

      Golden Gate Sunset Digital Print It was a dream day for a sunset. The western sky turned from blue to orange, yellow and brighting up the whole bay with pale pink accents. The sun set below the horizon and night began to come into its own. The purple twilight gave a vibrant animated feeling to the city below. The magnificent…

    • San Francisco twilight

      San Francisco twilight It was a clear night in San Francisco, twilight started to settle overtaking the sky like a mother over her child. As the sun went down, the buildings lit up like stars against a dark sky. The Golden Gate Bridge glowed brilliantly in the distance, reflecting city lights.

    • Santorini, Greece

      SANTORINI, SERIGRAPH DIGITAL PRINT Check out this incredible take on the coastal landscape of Santorini. A level of abstraction is felt in the use of color as the structures seen in the images have taken on a multitude of colors. Each color evokes an emotion and a sense of playfulness. The illumination from the village has been overexposed creating intense…

    • Seattle dusk

      SEATTLE DUSK ACRYLIC ON CANVAS The Emerald City is captured in the softest shades of lush pinks and purples. The skyline is graced with the concrete structures.

    • Seattle night

      SEATTLE SERIGRAPH The Emerald City is captured in huges reminiscent of the finest jewels. Light glistens off the distant Olympic Mountains. Seattle is cast in it’s majesty portraying a sky line that evokes nostalgic feelings.

    • St. Barts – French west indies

      ST.BARTS FRENCH WEST INDIES DIGITAL PRINT Nestled at the base of a tropical hillside is a dreamy village with red roofs and white washed walls. The brilliance of these rich colors, sets forth a contrast when paired with the deep blue of the harbor. Seated in the harbor are a number of small sailing vessels, that set the stage of…

    • Vancouver, Canada

      VANCOUVER, CANADA DIGITAL PRINT A purple skyline is fabricated in contrast of white sails and triangular lines. This allows the viewer to experience the calm feelings and structural peacefulness created by symmetry in this work.

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