Empyrean #1

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Oil on Paper, Impressionism, Ethereal

I was suddenly blanketed by an enormous cloud. I thought to myself, “What could be more heavenly than this?” Then the cloud broke open and lifted me toward the sky! It kept rising higher and higher, taking me along with it. Soon, there were no more clouds. There was nothing but empty space above me.

Seen in this impressionist work is a whole cloudscape. The artist has rendered the scene with almost complete abstraction of shapes and colors, leaving little to give an impression of what is being portrayed, giving it a mysterious feeling. The light blues are contrasted by the light greens. This work shows how clouds can be both benevolent and awe-inspiring.

With the break of the horizon line, the viewer is taken up into these clouds that seem to be endless. It’s like climbing onto a lighthouse and looking out over the pacific.

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