Empyrean #6

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Oil on Paper, Impressionism, Ethereal

I felt like I was floating towards the sky, and even though I knew I was still standing, it felt like I was barely touching the ground. The clouds surrounded me, all different colors and textures. I felt like I was in a dream, or an out of body experience. The sky looked so big from where I stood on the ground, but up here looking at it all around me makes me feel so small, but happy.

Depicted in this art is a fire sky with a lot of clouds blowing in different directions. With subtle almost invisible lines the clouds are shapeless and meaningless yet hold value and depth. The background of the sky is a deep blue, while it floats down with almost an atmospheric purple highlight towards the shoreline. The colors are pale yet vibrant. The painting itself has a warm undertone but matches the cool colors in the sky. This piece represents an unknown artist’s view on the landscape of sky all around us, however abstractly or ethereally she paints this landscape.

This Cloudscape shows the beauty and power of what the sky holds , and the serenity that it can bring. It is best viewed as a large piece of art to take up a whole wall for those who love clouds, and maybe even want to be surrounded by them. This work is lighthearted yet beautiful with its ethereal nature of color, texture, and movement.

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