Empyrean #9

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Oil on Paper, Impressionism, Ethereal

It was both nothing and everything. It was the ever-present reminder of reality’s limitless potential. A call to arms urging you to dare greatly, act boldly, and believe in yourself.

Bright colors combined in a way that makes your jaw drop. The fluidity in the movement of it is mesmerizing, but still leaves you wanting more. It’s beautiful and dangerous at the same time, in a way that takes your breath away. And yet even though it feels like that, it isn’t dangerous at all. It’s a perfect balance of creation and destruction, when both are in harmony with each other.

When you look at it, you get the feeling that your entire world can change in an instant if you want. That nothing is certain except that which is not-good or bad. It’s a reminder to balance these extremes with each other, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Whenever you look at it, you are reminded that you are always surrounded by possibility. You are reminded to dream boldly and live each moment as if it’s your last. This painting is an invitation for adventure, a call to action, and a reminder never to take anything for granted.

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