Kanani kanalani #1

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Seen in this Pyrograph is the beautiful a talented Kanani, this work pays homage to the ancient Hawaiian dance called Hula. In the work you can see a presence of a powerful goddess, a strong woman with the elegance and grace of femininity.

The hula dancer is decorated with traditional hula skirt, beauty mark and decorative dressings to accentuate the dancer’s ankles. She is adorned in plumeria garlands and other delicate materials the crown her head the Ilima lei symbolizing Laka goddess of hula, fertility and childbirth.

The Hula dancer is standing on an outcrop rock overlooking the ocean, the surrounding is filled with the pacific ocean . The color scheme of the work is perfectly presented in a way that compliments her beautiful features, from her brown dark skin to the deep green sea and blue sky.

Kanani Kanalani’s meaning “most precious” we dedicate this meaning for our muse!

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