Kanani series #2

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Kanani Series #2


This work depicts three Kanani each facing forward the ladies are topless they are wearing each are wearing a traditional skirt and double flower crown, their three skirts are flowing in different directions as they dance gracefully to the beat of the music.

Three women are shown dancing in this piece of art. They each wear a grass skirt typical to the islands, with leis around their necks. The distinctive headdresses depicted made out of coconut leaves known as halo’s or ‘okomoks’. The artistic depiction captures Hawaiian culture’s majesty and energy – depicting how three different cultures come together yet have so much respect for one another through dance alone despite being from different backgrounds .

The work is oil with pyrography on mango wood. This adds a unique warmth to the painting as well as allowing the natural beauty of Mango Wood’s curves, which are otherwise hidden beneath paint or other mediums like acrylics that dry completely flat over time (or plastic), the wood grain can now be appreciated thanks to this technique. The texture from each curve also brings life back into what would have been an ordinary piece.

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