Kanani series #4

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Kanani Series #4


The single – hula dancer is very popular in Hawai’i. Kanani dances with her hula skirts, each having fun and enjoying the traditional hula dance. It is a classic piece depicting Hawaiian culture and history.

Kanani Series #4 captures the essence of this tradition. She stands looking off into space (away from us), which allows detail to be seen in all areas of this piece . The dancer’s hair is draped across her back of her which enhances the resemblance to traditional hula dancers. Her muumuu (a traditional Hawaiian dress) is an earth-tone green color. Her body language alone tells more about Kanani than any explanation can.

The subject is sitting on her knees flowing to the music . Her muumuu sits on her legs as she expresses herself with the flows of the wind, dancing to the music of nature.

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