Surfer outrigger

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Surfer & Outrigger

Pyrography and Oil on Mango Wood, Photorealistic

Hawaii is home of the ancient Polynesian god of surfing, who is said to among us today. Communicating with nature to produce the perfect wave is what he does. He knows what water temperature, humidity and time it takes for a wave to glide across the reef into shore, how long it will last before crashing into foam on the sand.

This work of art captures the of one true hawaiian tradition of surfing. The art depicts a man walking close to shore. A single outrigger canoe sits in the foreground, which represents how Hawaiians have learned to live with nature. Waves give life to Hawaii, and can be seen across the entire work.

The sand uses the natural groove os the mangowood to create a perfectly texture warm sand . As you get closer to this work of art, the details are what define this work. Shadows provide it with depth, giving off a feel that you can almost touch. The original is actually hand-painted with pyrography, which gives it even more characteristics and texture.

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