Voyage Hawaii #8

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Voyage Hawaii # 5

Pyrography and Oil on Koa Wood

This work of art is one-of-a-kind in its expressions of deep affection for Hawaii and the people who live there. The piece features a map of Hawaii at its heart, suggesting the breadth of link between the islands and all those who visit them.

At the bottom of the work is a depiction of the Hahalualele, the traditional voyaging canoe that navigates to all of Hawaii’s islands. The Hahalualele represents the power to overcome challenges and difficulties; it shows us what is possible when we bring our strongest selves to work together for a common purpose.

The two individuals at the bottom are dressed in traditional clothing signifying the union of traditions of indigenous Hawaiian culture. With some of Hawaii’s purest traditions being represented in this work, we are transported across the pacific on a journey of self growth and personal enlightenment.

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