30 x 40
    • Keahou surf

      It’s not even particularly known as a good spot, and yet it still draws an unbelievable amount of people. Since I had free time, I decided to come and see for myself, but… As expected, just like with the previous sport, there were some pretty amazing guys here. To think that there would be more than ten people out here…

    • Nevada highway

      The painting shows the smooth Nevada highway overlooking the sunset from the side. The scene was painted on the spot where there is a pullout area. The desert sands and a cooling breeze is shown with a cloudy evening sky in this painting.

    • Sailing Maui

      Sailing Maui’s waters on a sunny day, I couldn’t help but notice the tropical plants decorating the isles. Big leafy plants and blooming flowers were everywhere, making me crave for some gardening back home. One of those plants caught my eye as it is a native flower to Hawaii: ohia lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha). It looks so interesting with its relatively…

    • Sand drawing

      Sand drawing MM What is art, but an expression of our creative mind? Who knows what inspiration lays in the horizon of the future, but one should always keep their eyes open. This is one way to assure that they may witness something beautiful or quite extraordinary.

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