40 x 30
    • Grapevine

      Grapevine is a plant in the Vitis family with several species. The most well-known is Japanese grapevine (Vitus thunberiana), but it can be hard to find in Japan. There are several species like American grapevine (Vitis labrusca) and wild grape vines (wild vine, Vitis rotundifolia). Grapevine is an evergreen vine or climbing shrub. Its length between 10 and 12 feet,…

    • Mixed bouquet

      This art is called mixed bouquet. Half of flowers are made by materials like plastic, paper, cotton and wood (for example) and other half are real flowers. The aim of this art is to make the viewer think how it should be combined each material with the real flower. This is one of common way to arrange an Ikebana arrangement.…

    • Sailing Series

      Sailing Series, Photorealistic, Perspective on Yacht This painting perfectly captures the ship’s steadiness amidst the waves. The color of the sky is an appropriate backdrop for this piece, as it is impossible to tell where the water ends and the sky begins. This blend of art form makes this work one that belongs in a museum or home with similar…

    • Sailing series #3

      The warm scene of Sailing series embodies the joy of sailing under the sun. The watercolor painting was made on paper with golden surface, making the blue colors sparkle. You can feel the wind pull the sailboat and the warmth of the sun.

    • Sailing series #4

      The warm setting of the Sailing series perfectly captures the thrill of sailing in the sunshine. The blue hues in this watercolor painting sparkle because they were drawn on paper with a golden surface. You can sense the wind tugging at the boat and the warmth of the sun. This is what makes this watercolor painting so lively. The stunning…

    • Turmeric

      TURMERIC WATERCOLOR ON PAPER This Photorealistic watercolor of turmeric, has bright hues of reds and pink. The crimson and rose colors make this painting look like a sunset at a botanical garden. The vibrant color scheme is perfect for an entryway or bedroom, because it will instantly lift your mood.

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