48 x 32
    • Mushroom

      The mushroom painting is a special collaboration with one of my favorite artists, Ryusuke Hamamoto (濱本龍弘). The mushroom painting will be available as a limited poster at CafePress.com , Yokai.com and through the mail-order service at the Shigeru Mizuki website .

    • Palm beach diptych

      PALM BEACH DIPTYCH Oil paint with Pyrography on Mango wood Seen in this work is four palm trees from a far away depth and perspective. The tall palm trees loom over the sand and wave in the distance. This is a very serene and inviting piece, with just enough drama to make it interesting. The color palette carries an even…

    • Palm beach diptych

      A collection of artworks by Xu Bing Ikebana, besides the beauty of form and colour, is an art form that also conveys profound meaning through its forms and colours. The spirit of Ikebana comes from Buddhist churches in Japan, where it was created along with Zen Buddhism. It has evolved into a unique Japanese style that has been passed down…

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