Empyrean #7

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Oil on Paper, Impressionism, Ethereal

I was unsure, not because I was afraid of heights, but it always seemed so lonely up there. I would think about those who I loved and how far away they seemed to be from me now. It was as if they were on another planet. As my eyes attempted to focus on the ground so far below, I saw my life, or this version of my life that I had created for myself. And in this moment when I took the decision to take off and fly. I felt free.

Depicted in the perfect gradient and reflection, the clouds here are almost undetectable except for the gusts of wind that flow through the art like droplets of water. The shapes of the clouds are almost unidentifiable, almost but not quite undefined. What takes the stage here is the use of color and many different textures that dance across the surface of the piece.

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