Kanani series #3

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Kanani Series #3


The Kanani series #3 depicts three different Hula dancers with their skirts moving to the rhythm of the music, each one found joy dancing the traditional Hawaiian dance.

The hula is a traditional dance that existed in Hawaii before Western influences arrived in the islands. It is an artistic form that expresses stories, legends, genealogy and history through performances by skilled dancers. Today this dance is enjoyed by many people as a form of entertainment and exercise, with competitions held by hula schools.

It is precisely the postures and movements of each dancer that this painting captivates. David wanted to show how they swayed their hips and moved their arms according to the rhythm of the music, they inspire the viewer to think of flowers guiding themselves like a light breeze.

The painting is made with oil on mango wood, its originality stands out among the other paintings by David because it has a clear contemporary style. The element that gives this painting an interesting charisma are the burst of colors in the background, which make you want to contemplate at length.

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