Empyrean #4

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Oil on Paper, Impressionism, Ethereal

And within a blink of an eye it happened my life changed for the better. The most beautiful cloudscape filled my entire vision. I felt unity, integrated, pure. Every single part of it was perfect. It was painted with vibrant colors that glimmered in the sun’s ray. The sky was deep blue, purples with the reflection of yellow almost like glitter shining behind the clouds. This was the reflection of light off of the clouds; it was like the appearance of perfection. A direct copy of what was above and below. The endless light together, combined and still.

Seen in this work is a whole cloudscape. An image which is in-between reality and imagination, it portrays an almost ethereal sensation due to the color combination of the painting. The colors used give off a sense of creative freedom to express what can be seen when looking up at the clouds. Therefore allowing the viewer to further establish their own personalized interpretation through art.

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