32 x 48
    • Beach palms triptych

      BEACH PALM TRIPTYCH OIL ON BIRCHWOOD A calming Hawiian afternoon is depicted along an illuminated beach, shaded by the growth of palm trees. The use of eight palm trees creates a balance that creates a cohesive and tranquil setting. The horizon line highlights the grain of the medium used as it naturally provides a visual contrast for the viewer. A…

    • Maui ocean palms triptych

      MAUI OCEAN PALMS TRIPTYCH OIL PAINT WITH PYROGRAPHY ON BIRCHWOOD A warm and inviting Hawiian day is depicted along an shaded oceanic view, the growth of palm trees is heavy in the foreground. The use of multiple palm trees creates a heaviness that is balanced by the lush greenery of the natural landscape. The horizon line highlights the grain of…

    • Maui scape triptych

      The theme is still very much oriented towards environmentalism and lets us take a look into this beautiful island that I call home. This is probably my most ambitious piece to date as far as time, materials and locations incorporated. I have to say that the effort was well worth it considering the final result. It all started by collecting…

    • Palm frond ocean

      PALM FROND OCEAN OIL on Mangowood This Photorealistic painting transports you to a serene natural setting where the ocean and a palm frond frame a picturesque landscape. The piece features the Palm fronds in the foreground with a beautiful blue ocean as viewed from shore, which acts as the backdrop.

    • Picnic 2

      PICNIC TWO OIL ON MANGO WOOD Seated amound the lush vinyards is a simple picnic for two. A brilliant basket of breads and cheese paired with a cab adds a warmth and passion to the image.

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